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Everyone was wrong about what the name of the game that would come after B/W.

#1AlwaysFicklePosted 2/28/2012 8:35:53 PM
So here was the 'ISSHU' (pun intended brah), people believed the next game would be something such as the realistic, expected, but boring 'Grey', or the ridiculous Crimson (really Crimson? Isn't that a type of red), or Chrome which I guess could be logical (whole spectrum WOWWIE :D). You and I were all wrong. Black and White 2 b******! Now here we are, next games are revealed. Not only did you guess the name wrong but you also got the amount wrong. So with this info revealed last weekend, many have been speculating this game to be a sequel, third version split in two, or take place in Hoenn (really guys Hoenn? This game doesn't have the name Ruby, Saphire, or Emerald in it breh, although this would break the cycle just like how B2W2 broke the cycle. Wait GSC was a sequel? You don't say.) Well what this wall of text is trying to say is... expect the unexpected. It could as well be a remake/sequel/ that has Hoenn for a second region because come now guys, this is Black and White and must take place in Unova. It could be something else, something that no ones mentioned just like how I am sure no one thought Black and White 2 for the next games.
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