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There should be a vampire Pokemon.

#31Fierce_Deity777Posted 3/1/2012 6:51:56 AM
Was going to say zubat.
Then was going to mention Leech Life.

...We need a Leech pokemon. Yes, it can be a vampire leech.
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#32GhetsisPosted 3/1/2012 7:25:53 AM
Smogoon posted...
Was honestly expecting a twilight reference. Some faith in humanity has been restored.

Twilight's deader than Guitar Hero.
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#33Missingno_MastrPosted 3/1/2012 7:30:22 AM
Incendius posted...
Gliscor, people. How is that thing not meant to be a vampire bat?

Though you make a good point, if Gliscor was meant to be a vampire anything, it would be able to learn Leech Life.
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