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What if they made a combo pack of Pokemon Black/White 1 and 2 for 3DS?

#1KoiNoDensetsuPosted 3/14/2012 5:38:36 PM
Instead of a Crystal/Emerald/Platinum version, I wouldn't be surprised if they incorporate the two games into one. Or rather, I would be glad if they did. I am not sure how they would connect the two into one. Perhaps, there could be a new area where data from both worlds can be exchanged. I haven't played the original White/Black myself to give any specific ideas.

Thoughts? Would you like to see something like this for the 3DS? Or at least an updated version for the 3DS?
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#2ZeoPamasterPosted 3/14/2012 5:43:11 PM
No. A combo pack only makes the people who already has the actual game rages.
And if they added exclusive things on it, then it'll make the people rage even further.
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#3GalladetheGreatPosted 3/14/2012 5:46:35 PM
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#4darkus_fPosted 3/14/2012 5:49:32 PM
No, not at all.
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