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sound ability idea.

#11Cpt_CalamityPosted 3/16/2012 8:04:54 PM
If the name of that attack actually referred to the sound then yes, but it doesn't so no.
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#12PearlshipperluvPosted 3/16/2012 8:09:59 PM
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#13PearlshipperluvPosted 3/16/2012 8:17:26 PM
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#14PearlshipperluvPosted 3/16/2012 8:18:57 PM
Boom Box

Increases the power and accuracy of sound attacks by 20%.
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#15Brandon042487Posted 3/16/2012 8:37:52 PM
Thunder may not work with sound based

But have a move called Thunderclap
Has a chance to either paralize and confuse opponent.
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#16Relic_RaiderPosted 3/16/2012 9:04:21 PM
Auto-Tune: Improves sound-based moves. (of every pokemon in the field)

Bug Buzz- Hits all enemies on the field.
Chatter- 30% chance to flinch
Echoed Voice- BP is increased by 1.5 (60, 120, 180, 200)
Grasswhistle- accuracy becomes 70 and cannot be deflected
Growl- Lowers attack by two stages
Hyper Voice- BP increased to 120
Metal Sound- lowers def by 1 stage
Perish Song- User becomes immune.
Relic Song- Sleep rate becomes 40
Roar- becomes regular priority but lowers Defense and Spdef of allies by 2 stages each use
Round- Gets +1 priority
Screech- lowers spdef by 1 stage
Sing- accuracy becomes 75 and hits all enemies.
Snarl- hits through resistances.
Snore- triple BP
Supersonic- cannot miss (through protect, fly, you name it)
Uproar- increases damage each turn.

I think this might be broken though.
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