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pokemon fusions

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3 years ago#1
do you think game freak will incorporate the pokemon fusioning in here. the black/white 2 cover looks to be kyurem fused with zekrom/reshiram however if you remember one of the very first few episodes... ghastly did fuse "venusaur" and "blastoise" to make "venustoise"...that would be cool however maybe im just asking for too much...out of 600 pokemons it would be very difficult to create 1200+ variations of the recently known pokemon. wut do u guys think...
3 years ago#2
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3 years ago#3
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3 years ago#4
creamyicecream posted...

Me or him?
(0)(0) <--- Santiago the frog says if someone buys a book, then
(___) sells that book to another. The publisher gets nothing. Why are games different?
3 years ago#5
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3 years ago#6
I actually think they could add a fusion element to the game in a very good way, without dealing with too many new pokemon. Allow the Eevee evolutions to evolve again as a fusion, and only with another Eevelution. Would allow for some unique typings with combo's like Fire/Ice, Fire/Grass, Dark/Psychic, Dark/Electric, etc. and restrict the total number to what is available through Eevee currently. A mere 21 new pokemon would get added this way, lol.

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3 years ago#7


Well when I was younger and gen 3 was the most recent gen, I always though it would be cool if the regis and the weather trio could fuse. Regice would give Kyogre ice armor, Groudon would get stone armor and Rayquaza would get plate armor like a war horse along with the extra typing. Rayguaza would change into Dragon Steel for example. Besides something like that though, i think fusion should stay away from Pokemon.

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