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User Info: Crush_Grip

5 years ago#1
Here's my way of trying to past the time on this board for Pokemon Black 2 release. Since we don't have many Hurt/Heal games on this board, I decided to make one that will go by relatively quick.

- You can hurt/heal a type every two hours. Please indicate what type you are hurting and healing.
- Each type starts off with 8 points, once a type reaches 0 points then it will be out of the game.
- You do not need to update the list as I will be keeping track of it and try updating it as much as I can.
- And remember its just a game, so try to have fun!

-1 Electric
+1 Ghost

Normal - 8
Fighting - 8
Fire - 8
Water - 8
Grass - 8
Poison - 8
Ground - 8
Electric - 7
Flying - 8
Ghost - 9
Bug - 8
Psychic - 8
Ice - 8
Rock - 8
Steel - 8
Dark - 8
Dragon - 8

User Info: Darmanitan14

5 years ago#2
Heal Fire
Hurt Rock
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User Info: lanelazerbeam

5 years ago#3
Heal Dragon
Hurt Flying
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User Info: lucariopikmin

5 years ago#4
Heal Steel
Hurt Electric
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User Info: Xazeal

5 years ago#5
Heal Poison
Hurt Rock

User Info: GalladetheGreat

5 years ago#6
Heal Dark
Hurt Poison
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User Info: Raptus92

5 years ago#7
Heal Fire
Hurt Dragon
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User Info: MileRun

5 years ago#8
Minus Dragon
Plus Ghost
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User Info: Renalia

5 years ago#9
Hurt psychic
Heal dark
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User Info: DeadlyQuills

5 years ago#10
Heal Poison
Hurt Bug
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