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Black and White 2 region locked on DSi and 3DS!

#1boxdude123Posted 5/26/2012 9:01:58 PM(edited)
Bottom line of news.

Is this true? And if so, why the heck is it only on DSi and 3DS?
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#2boxdude123(Topic Creator)Posted 5/26/2012 8:59:13 PM
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#3LHS_2012Posted 5/26/2012 9:14:28 PM
Region-lock is in the software itself, but the DS and DS Lite aren't designed to recognize it. This also means that region free games (any DS game that isn't DSi-enhanced) are still region free on the DSi and 3DS, and theoretically there could be region free 3DS games.
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#4jayman7Posted 5/26/2012 9:43:51 PM
This doesn't qualify as news. Are there any DSi/3DS games that are not region-locked? >_>
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#5blue_hedgehogPosted 5/26/2012 11:56:25 PM
DSi and 3DS games are region locked because of software ratings I think.
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