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C/D: Heart Gold and Soul Silver were the perfect Pokemon Games.

#61RedArchangel20Posted 6/8/2012 3:58:45 PM
I enjoyed the nostalgia trip, but no, they weren't perfect.

In fact, no Pokemon game is perfect.
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#62GloryChaosPosted 6/8/2012 4:02:55 PM
^i'd say platinum comes close.
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#63Flamingcow99Posted 6/8/2012 4:14:34 PM
The question is, what would be in a perfect pokemon game?
Secret bases are a must. Especially if its 3DS game, then Streetpassing bases!
Anyways, D
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#64SteaIth_RockPosted 6/8/2012 4:44:03 PM
A perfect game is something that happens in baseball, lol

It was suppose to be a joke.

It was a joke. A "perfect game" in baseball is a full game where the losing team doesn't get on any base or score any runs at all. It happened 21 times in major leagues.

Congrats on missing his joke.

Anyway, D. HGSS are my favorite Gen 4 games, but they were far from "perfect".

Edit: NInja'd by two people? That's got to be a record for me.

Isn't a joke suppose to be you know... funny? That wasn't funny at all...
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#65supersonic953Posted 6/8/2012 4:52:08 PM
Catcher_Freeman posted...
Everything was still underleveled.

Clearly we were playing different games.
#66InfernalFivePosted 6/8/2012 4:53:34 PM
supersonic953 posted...
Catcher_Freeman posted...
Everything was still underleveled.

Clearly we were playing different games.

Are you seriously denying that the majority of Kanto (which is after the E4 btw) is underleveled? lolwut
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#67Eden38Posted 6/8/2012 5:09:05 PM(edited)
Apart from stupid Whitney's stupid Miltank that took me way longer to defeat than I'd like to admit there was actually zero challenge in HG/SS.

The Johto portion of the game is over way too quickly, and Kanto is poor. Surely with the additional space available on a DS cartridge they could have provided a more complete Kanto, with more to do, and trainers/gym leaders that increase in levels as you progress - even if no level scaling then an order to beat the gyms in could easily have been implemented.

They weren't bad games, but personally I preferred Emerald, Platinum, and B/W to HG/SS.

TL;DR version - D.
#68collinballin5Posted 6/8/2012 5:10:24 PM
Honestly, Emerald was near perfect.

It needed more access to other Gens, but it had an amazing Battle Frontier.
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#69MagmastaPosted 6/8/2012 5:16:51 PM
D, only good move tutor was in battle frontier which meant you had to stay in the battle frontier for days in order to save up for one move, and it only had the phone system where you had to go look at a guide to see the hours of when to battle trainers.

Of course they kept it because they wanted to make it like the original but the vs seeker would of been better or they could of gave us an in game schedule.
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#70RedYoshi27Posted 6/8/2012 5:21:44 PM

Took a good game, and made it better my favorites in the series so far.
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