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C/D Dodrio is cool

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4 years ago#1
Work it.
4 years ago#2
I think C
4 years ago#3
What's your favorite pokemon? -
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4 years ago#4
From: Smogoon | #003
What's your favorite pokemon?

Mine is Froslass.
Salt Cures Everything.
4 years ago#5
I'm going to put this here so that I can type in all caps.
4 years ago#6
C. I'm using a Dodrio in FireRed, and Tri Attack destroys just about everything that isn't Rock, Steel or Ghost.
Blaziken - the ORIGINAL Fire/Fighting starter.
4 years ago#7
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4 years ago#8
C obviously.

It has 3 heads! 3 HEADS!
4 years ago#9

7/10, would use
You forget, fool! This Purugly flies!
4 years ago#10
C. It is cool. Very cool.
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