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Pokemon Black 2 (J) Cheat Codes

#21Miracle_Paint(Topic Creator)Posted 6/29/2012 7:55:02 PM
I'll get White 2 codes and lists for "xx" values for certain codes sometime over the weekend, if I can. Let me know if any of these don't work, or if you have a better translation for the effects of the code.
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#22NintenfreakPosted 6/29/2012 8:35:52 PM
Fossil Pokemon Modifier, so we can get Pokewood peoplemon.
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#231qaqa1Posted 6/29/2012 11:14:43 PM
sweet time to put these to use.
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#24BurleyEdPosted 6/30/2012 7:41:20 AM
Thanks for these black2j codes! Many of these are new to me.
I am still hoping for a code for instant shaking grass, dust clouds, ripples, etc.

And I am looking forward to White2 codes that actually work on white2 (unlike most of the White2 codes in the CMP database).
#25iFryMudkipsPosted 6/30/2012 7:46:01 AM
do these work only on a emu?
#26Miracle_Paint(Topic Creator)Posted 7/1/2012 7:17:29 PM
iFryMudkips posted...
do these work only on a emu?

They should work for PAR, I think.

I'm looking for a speed up codes for over-world areas and battles like they had in HG/SS/Platinum, but can't find any sign of them so far. It'd make egg hatching and battle subway much faster, among other things...
It's such a simple question; who's on first?