Dawn is better than May

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4 years ago#11
Leaf >>>>
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4 years ago#12
coreekymon posted...
slyfan1300 posted...
at least iris can handle herself not only that but she is the new champion

If we are talking video games and not anime then May and Dawn also became champion. If we were talking anime Iris isn't champion. And Iris is lame regardless.

May>Dawn but Dawn is fine. Really I don't care too much.

They dont become champs if you play as the guy. So its not canon. Iris being champ is 100% canon in the games and theres no way to alter it.
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<3 Iris
4 years ago#13
Misty. Just Misty. <3
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4 years ago#14
Bugsy > All
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4 years ago#15
4 years ago#16
Sakurafanboy posted...
Misty. Just Misty. <3


Except she's MINE, damnit!
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4 years ago#17
Dawn is the worst. The only thing I like about her is her hair. That's about it.

Lyra is my favorite female MC. For the best Pokegirl, I'd give it to Lenora. Granted, she's a PokeWOMAN, but she's the neatest out of all of them. Second place goes to Shauntal! :3
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4 years ago#18
Hmmm... nope, I'm don't find either of them attractive.

Not tall enough.
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4 years ago#19
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4 years ago#20

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