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Hint:Blastoise recommended moves

#1djmetal777Posted 7/6/2012 10:08:48 PM
Im so glad i dont go on gamewinners anymore
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#2QualiTPosted 7/6/2012 10:09:39 PM
thats a good moveset.
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#3djmetal777(Topic Creator)Posted 7/6/2012 10:11:11 PM
There was also a "hint" saying that if your starter is male it will have a 70 percent chance of increasing attack while if female 70 percent of defense
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#4HomeRowedPosted 7/6/2012 10:11:20 PM
Did they credit me for that? Because I came up with that moveset.
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#5scrappybristolPosted 7/6/2012 10:11:33 PM
.... I wish it got Shell Smash...
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#6AlI_About_The_UPosted 7/6/2012 10:13:07 PM
Funniest topic I've read today.
#7FoxFluffPosted 7/6/2012 10:17:19 PM
Gen 6: Blastoise gets flare blitz
#8MileRunPosted 7/7/2012 1:31:23 AM
Hint: Dragonite:
Use the following trick to develop a strong Dragonite. Get a Dratini and evolve it to Dragonair. It must be a Dratini to be at its strongest. ,Then teach it Flarethrower, for Ice and Steel; Ice Beam, for Dragons; Outrage, because it is strong; and Hyper Beam to make it look right.

Yup. Put Outrage on your Dragonite set because it's strong, but if you need to hit another dragon, for the love of Arceus, use the Ice Beam!
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#9pokelordguyPosted 7/7/2012 2:43:24 AM
That Blastoise is all wrong. First you want to give it water gun since he has the cannons and it makes sense. Next Hydro Pump so that he has an alternative to water gun in the case it isn't strong enough. Then you want to have surf followed strength so that he can swim fast and be really strong.

Source: Anime
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#10neb555Posted 7/7/2012 3:49:11 AM
Easy Experience:

During the Victini event, after you defeat the Team Plasma members on your way to Victini, save the game. Keep fighting off Victini for 500 to 700 experience points. Note: Victini reappears every time you run away or accidentally defeat it.

My god. How does that even border practicality?
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