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Why are the pokemon in the movies so much stronger than they are on the show?

#11qaqa1Posted 7/25/2012 1:40:20 PM
For example, zorua can't use telepathy, mamoswine cant use ice shard machine gun, pikachu's thunderbolt gets a power decrease etc what gives?
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#2Jrx1Posted 7/25/2012 1:41:54 PM
Anime is just there, while Movies are forced to promote the new Gen Pokemon/Legend.

And so, that's how the attacks, and overall power is increased in the movies. For better effects.
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#3CswagPosted 7/25/2012 1:42:08 PM
hollywood magic
#4_ZXY_Posted 7/25/2012 1:52:07 PM
#5INCEPTI0NPosted 7/25/2012 1:52:41 PM
From: Cswag | #003
hollywood magic

#6pkmnpkmnPosted 7/25/2012 1:56:14 PM
What's sad are that most of the 600 cute event onlys are often far weaker than a legendary of their stature should have been. Also the 580 trios are also much more OP than sometimes even the 680s.

Another unrelated complaint is that now that dialga exists they should use him for all the time travel needs instead of celebi, rather than just being able to go through portals and make berries grow, dialga could probably just finish off the villain by gooing back in time and removing him.her from existence.
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