ITT: Dumb things you did the first time you played Pokemon

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User Info: oznomad80

4 years ago#171
I caught every wild pokemon i found

User Info: Oblivon

4 years ago#172
JediNaruto posted...
In Silver version when the Police officer asked me what the Rival's name was, I put ??? cause I thought I would get arrested for lying to the police.

Oh Jesus, how hard I laughed at this. Thank you for that.
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User Info: Zeromus_3

4 years ago#173
Pokemon Fire Red
- Gave crappy move sets.
- Only chose pokemon which look cool.

User Info: kowolf

4 years ago#174
i went through the entire dark cave without flash cause i didnt know i was supposed to flash. maybe for like the first three playthroughs. i memorized it by the third time.

User Info: ssdanku

4 years ago#175
first Pokemon game i played was Blue

- After you get your first few poke balls i went back to the first route to catch a pidgey but i didnt go north to meet that old guy who teaches you how to catch a pokemon so i fainted the pidgey then was uncertain what to do next so i went into bags selected a poke ball and it gave the option "Toss" which i of course thought was toss a poke ball to catch so i threw one away and waited and waited then started walking around the area pressing A thinking i had to pick it up , walking around made me trigger another wild encounter where i realized you had to throw the poke ball during the encounter,

-Second dumbest thing i did was waste my master ball on a tentacruel cuz 1 i didnt have any more pokeballs and i hadn't seen a tentacruel up untill then so i thought they were rare and didnt want to risk having to search forever to find another one >.< lol i got chewed out by my friend who later was taking me to get mewtwo (thank god he saved b4 the fight) and during the encounter realizes i dont have the master ball i told him what i did with it and he was like What?!?! tentacool are everywhere! and i was like but it was a tentacruel! and he goes so are they! he then proceeds to pull out his game shark to get me another master ball lol

User Info: PentiumMMX

4 years ago#176
One I just remembered:

When playing Yellow for the first time, I remember catching yet another Pidgey, but my party was full, so it went into Bill's PC. However, as a kid, I honestly thought that when the game said "PIDGEY was sent to someone's PC!", that I'd come home and find a Pidgey inside the computer we had at the time
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User Info: NecrosexuaI

4 years ago#177
I spammed Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, and Psybeam because I always loved how the beams looked and how Bubblebeam sounded. Surprisingly, wasn't a fan of Hyper Beam.
oh fffff, i still love how bubblebeam in rby sounds. like. it's my SOUND. love it. love.

alright, i had... a LOT of things when i was a kid. i got blue [and my brother got yellow] when i was six... i couldn't read at all until i was seven. you can see just where that took me. >> i couldn't read anything. pokemon actually helped me learn. anyway.

oak's parcel. didn't know it existed, never went to the mart, just thought it was another house. so i started with a squirtle. by the time my brother told me about oak's parcel, i had a blastoise from training in route 1. good times.
after that, i had no clue about pokeballs. brother told me that after brock. proceeded the rest of the game with 5 metapods and a blastoise. ha. i thought metapod was the **** because he was an evolved pokemon. lorelei absolutely walled me.

it wasn't until i got emerald right before, or right after, diamond/pearl came out that i asked on the emerald board here if my walrein's moveset was good. they took it really well and told me that i needed type coverage because all the moves were water or ice. no one flamed me, just told me to get type coverage. that was the day i never had a mon with four moves for stab, ever again. thanks, dead emerald board.

i still don't use status moves except in competitive settings.

in silver, i had a chikorita, because bulbasaur was my favourite starter in rby. he was my highest level mon. proceed butt**** by the e4. i was so upset i couldn't win, too. my second highest was a furret [who is still one of my favourite comMon and novelty mon]
likewise, in ruby, i HATED the starters. hated the **** out of them. i had a level 40 skitty before i got the moon stone off the floor in meteor falls. restarted my game to have a more balanced team. this year, i solo-ran skitty in ruby as an homage, tho.

i didn't pay ANY attention to stats until... emerald? i think? but i didn't pay that close attention until i got into diamond competitive scene. now i can't help but pay attention, and it kinda ruined it for me...

mt moon was such a nightmare for me, i spent three WEEKS in there on my second playthrough. i'd come home from school and spend aaall afternoon trying to get out. >> surprisingly, i never got tired of zubat...

i did button combos for capture, but i didn't hear they'd work from anywhere. my combo was rotating the dpad and pressing a/b [alternating] RIGHT when the ball was supposed to wiggle. i had a new combo on each game, tho. some games i press a/b rapidly and press left/right on the d-pad at the shakes. most original button combo ever.

User Info: darknova700

4 years ago#178
JediNaruto posted...
In Silver version when the Police officer asked me what the Rival's name was, I put ??? cause I thought I would get arrested for lying to the police.

User Info: muttal

4 years ago#179
I used MAsterball on a Ditto. Damn you, anime :<
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User Info: COLL1N

4 years ago#180
me and my older bro each got red and blue version. He took my starter and my hitmonlee and left me with 2 pidgys. I eventually had 3 beefy pidgiots and I didn't even realize it until I grew up lol. I got payback on accident by using his masterball on a useless pokemon and I was still to young to even realize that...
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