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Any pokemon u deeply dislike?

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4 years ago#131
amigo767 posted...

stop speaking mexican. this is amerika god dammit.

Actually, this is the Internet, and there is no language called "Mexican." It's "Spanish." Not that I speak Spanish; I just like to keep the facts straight.
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4 years ago#132

If everyone's a structure where their own savior sits then I'm a little red house that no one's living in.
4 years ago#133
Azurill. It has an unexpected type, an odd gender ratio, and will most likely evolve into marill after it could have already been an azumarill (plus they probably could have done better with an evolution instead)
4 years ago#134
All of them.
4 years ago#135

- Bland design
- Worst fanbase
- Terrible in battle
- Even Emboar is better in NU
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4 years ago#136

Pika. Pika. Pika. *bang* *splat*
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4 years ago#137
Any human looking pokemon. Or really, really stupid non-creatures.

Because a pokemon would NATURALLY look like a damn ice cream cone.
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4 years ago#138
blissey, snorlax
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4 years ago#139
Arceus, that piece of s*** needs to be dethroned. OG dragon all the way
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4 years ago#140
Mewtwo...I just never liked the look at all.
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