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glad gamesop open 3 hours early

#11PyroThrowerPosted 10/6/2012 12:10:39 PM
What is a Gamesop, TC?
#12LufiaOTPosted 10/6/2012 12:25:23 PM
They told me for a new nintendo release they open 2 hours early, which is the 9:00am.
#13TheShunnedPosted 10/6/2012 12:35:38 PM
LufiaOT posted...
They told me for a new nintendo release they open 2 hours early, which is the 9:00am.

I'll return someday.
#14GastroFanPosted 10/6/2012 1:16:35 PM
I reserved mine at a Gamestop in the mall; so I won't get it until 11a.m. I'm not worried because I plan to get my copy of pokemon Dream Radar while I'm waiting for the store to open.

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#15cloud_8f8fPosted 10/6/2012 1:39:15 PM
What? Where did you hear that? Mine opens at 12:00pm.
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#16Meltemi_RafalaPosted 10/6/2012 1:46:47 PM
And ours is supposed to open at 8 AM and has promised cupcakes. It's all dependent on your store, so I recommend checking locally. ~_^
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#17S_S_GohanPosted 10/6/2012 1:48:43 PM
I have to wait until 11:00am. :(
#18rockyminPosted 10/6/2012 1:51:54 PM
I recommend switching to Target for Sunday released Nintendo games. They ALWAYS open at 8am on Sundays. No need for those carrots that Gamestop dangles in front of you to get you to shop there.
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#19VIIVincentPosted 10/6/2012 1:55:42 PM
Walmart is my friend.

i can go to Walmart at 5 in the morning after work. looks like i'm getting the game early too.

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#20warnerbromanPosted 10/6/2012 2:00:28 PM
I got a text from the that say 9am and a 30% discount
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