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What state are you playing from

#1fredie11Posted 10/12/2012 10:45:32 PM
I am playing from Texas..quit laughing
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#2HomeRowedPosted 10/12/2012 10:47:42 PM
you gotta be fresh
#3wufei8706Posted 10/12/2012 10:50:07 PM
Same TC
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#4kingedgar26Posted 10/12/2012 10:53:14 PM
Iowa...keep laughing!
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#5HarceruPosted 10/12/2012 10:54:01 PM
Not from the US.
#6pies12Posted 10/12/2012 10:55:16 PM
ITT: the world is Americlap.
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#7Rose_MagePosted 10/12/2012 10:56:27 PM
I hail from Europe.
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#8SlashReturnsPosted 10/12/2012 10:59:02 PM
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#9Hungry_for_SexPosted 10/12/2012 10:59:54 PM
29/m/hong kong
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#10Alaris2004Posted 10/12/2012 11:00:26 PM
Maryland, mostly.
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