What state are you playing from

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4 years ago#31
kingedgar26 posted...
Iowa...keep laughing!

We Iowans need to stick together!
Currently Playing: Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon Black 2, NSMB2. I love my 3DS XL!
4 years ago#32
Roll tide b****es
I'm going to release my rage!
*Uses Bide*
4 years ago#33
I live in northern California near Sacramento.
4 years ago#34
kwando1313 posted...
I'm playing as a mixture of a solid, liquid, and gas.

I laughed way too damn hard at this. Woke my roommate up and everything. Good job, man. Good job.

Anyway, Virginia.
Smart ninja-type dude.
4 years ago#35
stabity death to ye! AARGH
Friend code : Akemi 2536 3815 5284
4 years ago#36
pokemon heartgold: 5415-7447-7349 pearl: 0948 9866 8891
black2 fc: 3139-4457-4344 black: 5243 9386 2875 ---- new member to the ETS ^o^
4 years ago#37
Zinger2010 posted...
Wisconsin, we got cows and cheese!

Minnesota, we're cooler than Wisconsin! *cough*
3DS FC: 3050-7685-5267
PM me if you wanna play a match with me in Mario Tennis Open.
4 years ago#38
The Old Line State.
Official Caius of the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII board
4 years ago#39
"Damn you to hell, Wong." Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 6
4 years ago#40
Southeastern Idaho here.
Them ain't your funyuns, them's Foxxy's funyuns.
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