What state are you playing from

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4 years ago#41
Trying is the first step towards failure.
PSN ID: Nieds, XBL: gregnied
4 years ago#42
The lovely state of North Carolina~
When skies are gray and you say you are blue,
I'll send the sun smiling through!
4 years ago#43
Ekaru posted...
Zinger2010 posted...
Wisconsin, we got cows and cheese!

Minnesota, we're cooler than Wisconsin! *cough*

Hell's yeah we are!
4 years ago#44
Official Froslass of the B/W 2 board.
Not changing this until Star Driver debuts in SRW/T.
4 years ago#45
Official Lemmy Koopa of this site.
Official Root Beer Float of the IDF.
4 years ago#46
Currently I'm solid. It makes it easier to grasp the DS.
"Murder of the living is tragic, but murder of the idea is unforgivable." - Janus, speaker of the synod
4 years ago#47
4 years ago#48
The Great White North (Canada).
4 years ago#49
New York City, baby.
Pokemon Black 2 FC; 4857 4247 2409
4 years ago#50
State of Emergency
"Help! Help! They've destroyed my cousin's brain!! Oh, my god! They've already milked you, haven't they?!!" -- Phoncible P. Bone
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