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4 years ago#1
The quest or w/e you want to call it about the dropped item, anyway when this is all said and done she trades you a pokemon. Anyway I have 2 questions:
1) Which is better for competitive play, Togekiss or Spiritomb. (Deciding between the two pokemon to get from her)
2) Is it even worth it to go through this mess for them. You have to go through going to 10 different specific locations all over the map, and then after that you have to call her with the xtransceiver 51 times in these 10 locations that only work at random. I mean, I think this is really over the top and ridiculous just for a trade. Is it even worth it or is she going to trade me pokemon who dont even have IV/EV in the 30's.
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4 years ago#2
She trades you stuff holding uncommon items, and with their Hidden Abilities. And everything I've gotten from her is female.
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4 years ago#3
It only seems that way while you're completing it, afterwards you'll tell yourself "this was soooo worth it"
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4 years ago#4
are the items really worth it? All I see on serebii is one time use items =/
Items that you eat and then are gone after one use.

15 secret locations and on top of 51 calls made in those 15 locations that only work at random seems a bit ridiculous for one pokemon and a one time consume item if you ask me.
Romney in a nutshell -
4 years ago#5
You can get ALL of those Pokémon. Just one per day. And they're completely random aside from ability, gender and all.
4 years ago#6
so I wont have to do this tedious quest tomorrow again?
Romney in a nutshell -
4 years ago#7
Hozu posted...
they're completely random aside from ability, gender and all.

You of all people should know nothing in Pokemon is completely random.
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