Pokemon who are in need of an evo

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4 years ago#51
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4 years ago#52
magikarp needs a prevo
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4 years ago#53
I can't believe no one said this yet...

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4 years ago#54
xSuper_Chuckx posted...
gamingrat posted...
Eevee needs a new evolution

I always thought it would only make sense for eevee to have an evolution for every typing

So he still has steel, bug, flying, ground, rock, fighting, poison, ghost, and DRAGON (that would be sick) to go.

That would be nice but how would you evolve it for each type? A stone u use, or a rock you train by, what? Maybe use metal coating for steel, kings rock for rock type, black belt for fighting, i dont know how you could do the others, especially flying.
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4 years ago#55
Pinsir. He was left alone, while his buddies like Scyther all got evolutions or babys.
Oh, and Farfetch'd :)
4 years ago#56
I feel like Hitmonlee/chan/top could use an evolution
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4 years ago#57
Environments posted...
Sunflora, definitely.

I second this. It has to be Grass/Fire, too.
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4 years ago#58
Flareoneon. Use a Fire Stone on Flareon.


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4 years ago#59
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4 years ago#60
I always thought Porygon2 should be part of a branched evolution tree. The new evo could be what was originally supposed to be made by Silph Co., with PorygonZ being the other option.
Vigoroth branched evo please. I'd like a choice whether to sacrifice power for movement or movement for power without gimping myself.

Any of the Dragon Pokemon that evolve into Dragon/Flying should have branched evolutions. Once again, I'd like the choice between types so being forced to stay with one if I wanted full power.

Houndoom. I know it's already broken, but it's one of my favorites.

Rapidash- Fire/Flying evo please.

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