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Think back to when you were a little kid...

#1djmetal777Posted 11/4/2012 11:09:45 PM
You hear or heard of a game called pokemon however you have never played pop the game into your game boy/game boy advance and you start up a new pokemon game the first time playing its not just a game...but an emotional experience...all the areas seem big and the possibilities seem start off with your partner and once you obtain poke balls you get to capture even more friends to aid you on your don't care about what moves you taught your pokemon and any strategies were unknown to you All you cared about were "catching them all" and being a doesn't matter when you started to play pokemon or what gen you started with...the feeling of first playing it will never be beaten and it will remain in our memories until we die
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#2Emerald_MeliosPosted 11/4/2012 11:10:31 PM
Pokemon didn't exist yet when I was a little kid.
#3pizzaman95Posted 11/4/2012 11:13:08 PM(edited)
From: djmetal777 | #001
you pop the game into your game boy/game boy advance

Nice job dating the topic for future generations, you should have just said "game console".
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#4coreekymonPosted 11/4/2012 11:13:48 PM
I don't remember the first time I played Pokemon. That was like 15 years ago, I'm 20.
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#5VIIVincentPosted 11/4/2012 11:15:31 PM
the year was 1999
saw the anime even before of hearing about the game. sad right? anyways. parents didnt (or wouldnt) buy a handheld because you know how parents are so i got lucky and borrowed it from a neighbor's kid. of course, he sucked at it and i progress pretty far in Red until he moved away.

moving onto 2001 when on my birthday my older sister got me a Pikachu/Pichu GBC and asked me what version i wanted. Silver.
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#6Adachy_BabyPosted 11/4/2012 11:15:58 PM
I don't even remember how I got Pokemon Blue, I just remember having it, I was in like kindergarten, so that was awhile ago. Also I wasn't good enough to train pokemon other than my starter, so I always pretty much solo'd it haha. Indeed though they were good times.
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#7wind64aPosted 11/4/2012 11:18:17 PM
I think it was called Game Boy Pocket or some odd thing for me. It came right before Game Boy Color. I remember I played the thing so much, I started to see blue in the grey waters. The actual shade they chose for GSC suprised me.
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#8Kitsune_ShinraPosted 11/4/2012 11:22:15 PM
It was 1998, I was 8, and got both red and blue for my gameboy pocket. I put my first one in and chose Bulbasaur as my first ever pokemon. Charmander on the other version. Charmander became my official first partner. I loved him. When he evolved I fell even more in love. The games became a very important part of my childhood, growing up, and still now I have kept a hold of most of them and they are still a dear piece of my life. :) This may sound overly pokenerdish or whatever, but it's true. Those games had a major impact in on my life at the time and I still love them just as much, if not more now. :)
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#9TheKitchenRatPosted 11/4/2012 11:40:20 PM
pizzaman95 posted...
From: djmetal777 | #001
you pop the game into your game boy/game boy advance

Nice job dating the topic for future generations, you should have just said "game console".

This would have been better as I started with Gen. 4.
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#10electric_emuPosted 11/4/2012 11:42:12 PM
I got Pokemon Blue and didn't really understand what it was about. Later, a friend (I was a second grader) showed me the most awesome little card things ever (I think they were tear-offs from a lunchables or something)... I put two and two together and have been a Pokemon fan ever since.