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Pokemon you thought was good until competitive battles -.-

#1MalkyeaImbakPosted 11/4/2012 11:39:28 PM
I don't if its only me but I always believe hoot hoot/noctowl were amazing (at least back in gold/silver days it was my favorite normal/flying poke)

Also Ariados when bug pokemon were rare this guy was so badass
#2electric_emuPosted 11/4/2012 11:40:39 PM
#3The_Sol_BladerPosted 11/4/2012 11:40:54 PM
Absol. Special Absol

But I blame the stupid way types worked back then. Thank god for gen 4
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#4TherianReturnsPosted 11/4/2012 11:41:23 PM
Back in the day, Diamond US launch or so, I thought Dragonite was unstoppable

Then Garchomp said what's up

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#5MalkyeaImbak(Topic Creator)Posted 11/4/2012 11:43:06 PM
Also I'd like to add articuno I still think this guy have OU potential and all the regis (That defense I thought they were unbeatable then lucario came along)
#6AzurinaiPosted 11/4/2012 11:45:36 PM
Regis suffer from a major weakness to common attack types, they might as well have no defense. If you aren't fighting Ground, Fighting, Fire, and Rock types (which are everywhere), they would actually make decent walls.
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#7_KGC_Posted 11/4/2012 11:45:54 PM
I really don't know... I remember using tons of crap back in the day but I don't really remember thinking the Pokemon I was using was any good.

I guess Vileplume, I remember using it over Venusaur for some reason back in Yellow.
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#8WolfJouninPosted 11/4/2012 11:46:11 PM
Raichu, Steelix, Hitmonchan, Poliwrath, Blastoise, Sandslash, Aggron, Solrock, list goes on lol... I started getting competitive a little after I beat Ruby. I was such a naive child from Blue Version until then.
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#9Cpt_CalamityPosted 11/4/2012 11:46:57 PM
I remember thinking that Alakazam, Nidoking, Kabutops, and Charizard were the best Pokemon ever back in first generation (excluding legendaries). All of them are pretty damn good these days, except for lol Charizard.

Later I thought that Tyranitar, Espeon, Heracross, and Houndoom were the four best new Pokemon introduced (again excluding legendaries).

I'd say I was a pretty good judge of what was good or not when I was little.
#10lord_chaoPosted 11/4/2012 11:54:34 PM(edited)
Pretty much any ice type.

And also Smeargle. Yeah, I know he still has his uses, but they all seem way too situational(to me at least). And very risky as well.
And the worst part: it's not like I could just ignore competitive battling if I ever wanted to utilize him in-game or something. His stats are pretty abysmal, so I'd still have to have him rely on the same competitive movesets and such if I ever wanted to put him to full use(which is completely necessary to keep him alive).

And then once I found out he got moody as an ability, it seemed like a glimmer of hope for Smeargle. But then moody got banned >_>
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