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There isn't a ______ Pokemon yet.

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3 years ago#331
3 years ago#332
has there been a fat ugly pokemon before? is it normal type? would it have stab Return attack? would it beat a ghost pokemon? is a ghost pokemon been logged yet into the Pokedex?
i am god
3 years ago#333

Myth sirens
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3 years ago#334
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3 years ago#335
Pair of Shoes
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3 years ago#336
Twilight_Sonata posted...
Aladdin2557 posted...
Your sig is horrible

My sig is awesome. You go away.

That sig is pretty awesome.
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3 years ago#337
Let me make this clear; Generation 3 remakes are coming this generation, 5. Get over it.
3 years ago#338
Xenomorph (awesome if evolution goes from a fh to a cb to full fledge xeno)
Lochness monster
Blood crow
Telepathic alien
Mocking bird
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3 years ago#339
Also, how about an Ice type Japanese Macaque who can learn Scald?
3 years ago#340
Moose lool
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