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4 years ago#81
-Sianara rock-type gyms
-everybody likes steel
-Steven nostalgia
-gravity could be a very devestating move irl, with it bringing down planes, skyscrapers, and the occasional flying type :)
-Psychic can also prove to be potent, with me stopping all physical attacks in its path
-A big bad wall? I guess I'll METEOR MASH!
-dat intelligence
I always listen, I just don't respond.
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4 years ago#82
The official Charizard of the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 boards.
4 years ago#83
4 years ago#84
4 years ago#85
bulbasaur :3
"The strong one doesnt win. The one that wins is strong."
4 years ago#86
Obviously Eevee
4 years ago#87
4 years ago#88
OBJECTION! This Topic Clearly Sucks!
PSN, Steam and Gamertag: Joseponypants
4 years ago#89
Kabuto. Kabutops has always been awesome in my opinion.
4 years ago#90
Cyndaquil <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 3><3
Ahem. Ahem Ahem Ahem *coughs* NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP!

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