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4 years ago#1
I'm gonna keep track of my progress and team, just cuz. Feel free to do the same ITT if you want :)

Just finished exploring Desert Resort about to head to Nimbasa


Fluffee - Cottonee (Lv 22)
Zeru - Growlithe (Lv 22)
Erasmus - Eevee (Lv 20)
Silver - Magnemite (Lv 21)
Lucius - Lucario (Lv 22)
Hikaru - Sneasel (Lv 23)


Ayame - Azumarill (Lv 22)
Penelope - Liepard (Lv 21)

Fingers crossed for Espeon. Wish Liepard wasn't completely useless atm.
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4 years ago#2
Just beat the E4.

Umbreon - 60
Lunatone - 61
Scolipede - 60
Braviary - 60
Eelektross - 60
Samurott - 63
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4 years ago#3
Beat just about everybody, about to start working on completing the Pokedex.

Togekiss Lv. 72
Latios Lv. 72
Magnezone Lv. 73
Conkeldurr Lv. 74
Giratina Lv. 74
Black Kyurem Lv. 75
4 years ago#4
all 8 badges, no elite 4 yet, Imported my black pokes that were complete. now focusing on hidden grottos trying to get DW gligar. so far have DW zangoose and absol.

Arcanine--100 iv bread and ev trained
Jolteon--100 iv bread and ev trained
Vaporeon--100 iv bread and ev trained
Scizor--100 iv bread and ev trained, only used for false swipe for pokemon catching
Samurott from this game HM slave lvl 44
Sawblu fly slave from dream radar lvl 20

gengar--100 iv bread and ev trained
magnezone--100 iv bread and ev trained
4 years ago#5
Training for Clay

Growlithe lvl 29
Dewott lvl 25
Tranquill lvl 30
Flaaffy lvl 22
Lucario lvl 26
Leavanny lvl 22

In rotation
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4 years ago#6
Brandon042487 posted...
Training for Clay

Growlithe lvl 29
Dewott lvl 25
Tranquill lvl 30
Flaaffy lvl 22
Lucario lvl 26
Leavanny lvl 22

In rotation

In a Nuzlocke I did, my Braviary was totally nn'd WAREAGLE.

I have nothing against Alabama (well I've hated Saban since his MSU days, but that's it), I just saw your sig and thought it was funny.
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4 years ago#7
So I'm playing as the girl, right, and some grown ass man made me get on the ferris wheel with him so he could talk about his sad love life. wth
"you're a real one man army" - RealPandemonium
4 years ago#8
Well, I underestimated the usefulness of Prankster and Cottonee until I fought Elesa. A combination of it, Lucario's Me First (Eat your own Flame Charge, Zebstrika), and Sneasel won that one for me. And my Eevee evolved into Espeon just in time to learn Future Sight and not be completely useless!


Erasmus - Eevee (25)
Ayame - Azumarill (25)
Zeru - Growlithe (25)
Silver - Magnemite (24)
Lucius - Lucario (26)
Fluffee - Cottonee (24)


Hikaru - Sneasel (27)
Penelope - Liepard (21)

Silver and Zeru are about to be completely useless against Cliff. Thinking of demoting Penlope to just being another boxed pokedex entry =/
"you're a real one man army" - RealPandemonium
4 years ago#9
Beat Clay. There was never a chance I'd lose but he was matching me poke for poke in KOs I think. Won the Tournament. Beat Team Plasma goons on the boat (I was so disappointed to see Cheren's pokes magically jump in level after the tournament. He was going easy :( ). Explored and filled the Habitat list for the Relic Tunnel or whatever. Came back out in Castelia and took the Royal Unova for the day (whipped all the trainers as they were like 10 levels below me lol). I noticed I've gotten a badge a day starting on the 5th. And the move tutor and relearner being in Driftveil is so clutch. Onward and Upward.


Zeru - Growlithe (28)
Lucius - Lucario (28)
Erasmus - Espeon (28)
Ayame - Azumarill (30)
Fluffee - Cottonee (30)
Hikaru - Sneasel (30)


Silver - Magnemite (26)
Zorua (27)

Wish I didn't already have a level 80 something Zoroark (and a Sneasel already) or I'd consider using N's Zorua. I hear he comments if you use his pokes. Don't know if that's interesting enough for me to keep using it. We'll see. I need to catch some new usable pokes already.
"you're a real one man army" - RealPandemonium
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