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Average Age of Pokemon Players?

#31PolimarioPosted 11/9/2012 12:45:07 PM

Been playing since 1998. I remember having a Charizard with Mimic.
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#32KibalnuzukaPosted 11/9/2012 12:53:15 PM
17, played Pokemon Blue for my first time in 2003, and I remember getting stuck at Cerulean City 'cause the officer in front of that robbed house wouldn't let me pass. x) So I thought I had to level up my Pokémon some more and ended up training my Ivysaur to Venusaur on like level 9 Sandshrew. Good times.
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#33MiraglythPosted 11/9/2012 12:54:15 PM
The average age? Probably like 12. Unless you include Smogon users in which case 37.
#34LOGlCPosted 11/9/2012 12:55:11 PM
I turn 21 in January. Your age shouldn't affect what games you play.
#35ultimatedorkboyPosted 11/9/2012 1:15:01 PM
BloodlustSweden posted...
Im 21, been playing since the beginning.

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#36Exodus_KnightPosted 11/9/2012 1:16:24 PM
It seems to me that 14 year olds would rather play COD then a solid JRPG game that has been working for years and has included things to make each better or at least different even if it is just something small. By the way I am 24
#37XWolfOPosted 11/9/2012 1:16:36 PM
How many threads like these do you need to reassure you that you're not too old to still be playing?
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#38darkranger94Posted 11/9/2012 1:17:03 PM
Been Playing Pokemon since Gold/Silver
#39snacktimeguyPosted 11/9/2012 1:18:15 PM
I'm 19 and I've been playing since G/S.
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#40wufei8706Posted 11/9/2012 1:21:30 PM

Had Red with that old ass greyboy when it came out
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