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What Pokemon most fits the person above you.

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4 years ago#231
TehTrumpCard posted...
TranquilSea posted...
From: MasterAdeptAlex | #228


Anyone who says Tranquill (or anything from that line) is boring.



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4 years ago#232
4 years ago#233
GalladetheGreat posted...

Gardevoir, obviously.
4 years ago#234
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4 years ago#235
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4 years ago#236
BlurOfDeath posted...

Got it memorized?- Axel
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4 years ago#237
Arcanine. -
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4 years ago#238
Smoggy's kind of a Lanturn.
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4 years ago#239
Lexifox posted...
Smoggy's kind of a Lanturn.

I don't even know anymore.
4 years ago#240
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