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The "I never knew <Pokemon> was <Type>!" topic

#51HaxdreigonPosted 11/12/2012 11:43:31 PM
Afrotastic_J posted...
Took me a bit to realize Groudon was part Ground.

Groudon's only type is Ground.
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#52Brandon042487Posted 11/12/2012 11:46:11 PM
Psyduck/Golduck I thought was water/psychic
I thought Groudon was part Fire
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#53reaverzPosted 11/12/2012 11:47:22 PM
It's not related to types, but I always do a double-take when I use Grass-type moves and activate Sap Sipper. For some reason I'm still not used to a Grass immunity.
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#54NidoprimePosted 11/12/2012 11:48:02 PM
For the entire first gen I thought that grass was weak to psychic because I used a Venasaur and sometimes a Victreebell.
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#55MissCarriagePosted 11/12/2012 11:49:27 PM
I remember in Gen 1 I had trouble with Tangela because I thought all Grass types were part Poison.

Since then I never had a problem with anyone's typing until Cofagrigus. >_<
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#56Akito_KinomotoPosted 11/13/2012 1:04:29 AM
To this day I can't remember whether the Spoink line is a Ghost type or a Psychic type.
#57ColebyPosted 11/13/2012 1:34:26 AM
For some reason I always feel like Blitzle and Zebstrika are part Fire-type...
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#58tadashii18Posted 11/13/2012 1:56:27 AM
When I was younger playing Pokemon I always thought Ghost types were weak to Psychic type attacks.
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#59pokemonfreak97(Topic Creator)Posted 11/13/2012 8:18:07 AM
Akito_Kinomoto posted...
To this day I can't remember whether the Spoink line is a Ghost type or a Psychic type.


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#60Darkwolf BloodsbanePosted 11/13/2012 8:35:04 AM
I had a friend (seriously) ask me if I was high when I said that the Dratini line was the only group of Dragon-type pokemon in Gen 1.

He brought up Gyrados, and then asked me again when I said it was Water/Flying.

I had to have him pull up his copy of D/P and look at the entry.

Psyduck (the early anime eps didn't help)
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