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EVs explained! PLEASE READ!

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Finnaly, it got stickied >__>
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If anyone interested, -
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spooky96 posted...
If anyone interested, -

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Basculin provides 2 Speed EVs per.


Oh, and one other small thing- Litwick appears on the first floor. The ground floor doesn't have any Pokemon iirc.

Basculin was a typo, my bad. And Litwick... bah, the guy who wrote that nuggetbridge article is European and I didn't notice (though that would explain "Defence") - in America, the first floor and ground floor are the same thing, so I got confused.

Well, I can't edit the main FAQ now, but if I write another version I'll take care of that. The Basculin typo is worse - people not finding Litwick on 1F will hopefully be able to figure out to go to 2F.

spooky96 posted...
If anyone interested, -

That had a great list of which Pokemon give which EVs, but the description of what EVs are is woefully incomplete, and would actually cause questions similar to the last two on my list. >_> Still, as a quick reference for the main chart, it's useful.
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Good job.
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Good job.
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this is really helpful!
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From: jayman7 | #002
Pokerus wears off after several days in the player's party

IIRC it actually "wears off" when the clock gets at 00:00
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