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Down + B when catching a pokemon. Who does it?

#21KeyBlade999Posted 11/13/2012 8:48:53 AM
It has no effect - pure luck.

Thusly, I never did it.
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#22VIIVincentPosted 11/13/2012 8:51:53 AM
i stopped.

for some reason, Gen 4 and 5's animation doesnt look down + b 'able
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#23FRo3tBLo0dPosted 11/13/2012 9:06:27 AM
I button mash A
#24JayXVaderPosted 11/13/2012 9:16:57 AM
Use to believe with A & B before I know other people are do it because I was 7, but not anymore but still have the habit to do so by holding B when the Pokeball is open until it close up.
#25KibalnuzukaPosted 11/13/2012 9:21:24 AM
Gastroid posted...
Back in Sapphire I stumbled across Regice unprepared and stupidly went into battle. I had only a few Pokeballs. I tossed a single Pokeball at it at full health, mashing down + B while it was in the air, and captured it.

I know that was as lucky as winning the lottery, but because of that I've been mashing down + B for over a decade.

how do you stumble across Regice...don't you need like a relicanth and wailord in certain spots in your party or something o_O I never knew about it until I read a guide and i dont know how even the people who made it found out about it lol
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#26GRTooCoolPosted 11/13/2012 9:24:52 AM
If throw more than 5 balls at a Pokemon and it won't stay inside, then yeah... I'll do all the combos.

Up + B, Down + B, Up + A, Down + A.
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#27coreekymonPosted 11/13/2012 9:28:52 AM
I'm rather superstitious about this. I know it has been proven false, but I still swear I can't catch a legendary without it. And I use a bit more complicated button combination. You start by pressing and holding B down when the pokeball first opens, B down is like the default position so you have to press it down when you aren't pressing anything else. Then as the pokeball falls you have to tap down for every bounce it makes, so three times in a row. Next you have to press in the direction that the ball nudges in time with the nudges, so left, right, and left again. Finally after the three nudges you have to press A down with the right timing to catch the Pokemon.
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#28Skunkdog1Posted 11/13/2012 9:31:54 AM
rotate the d-pad counterclockwise to match the pokeballs movement
#29alphapipiPosted 11/13/2012 9:37:41 AM
I use up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-b-a-select-start
#30hyjinx17Posted 11/13/2012 9:39:49 AM
i still hold A out of sheer muscle memory
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