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When you see the word 'assassin', which Pokemon do you think of first?

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  3. When you see the word 'assassin', which Pokemon do you think of first?
3 years ago#11
Official Dunsparce of the PMD3 board
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3 years ago#12
Kementarri posted...
how can you NOT think of Bisharp? Honestly, people are probably trying to just be original. :P

Because they asked who I first thought of, and I didn't even remember Bisharp existed. I also never thought of him as an assassin anyway. I always thought it was a samurai.

Anyway, I thought of Accelgor. Don't know why.
3 years ago#13
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3 years ago#14
Ninjask. No idea why. >.<
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3 years ago#15
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3 years ago#16
Whenever I see "assassin", all I can think of is some woman (typically blonde, may be cold-hearted) in her 20's with nothing to lose.
Sedix: Baffling Artist
3 years ago#17
Terrakion >_>
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3 years ago#18

I mean, Absol.
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LoL Name: Thanamar
3 years ago#19
Weavile. Bisharp doesn't seem like he can be because he doesn't seem particularly nimble.
3 years ago#20
I think of the Word Ass then think of Hilda.

Dat Ass.
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  3. When you see the word 'assassin', which Pokemon do you think of first?

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