You have beaten... *Spoilers*

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4 years ago#41

So... Do we get to do dirty rival stuff or what?
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4 years ago#42
Oh god, I have bad memories of her and her ataria in sapphire >.>
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4 years ago#43
Why was she following me?
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4 years ago#44

how unusual
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4 years ago#45
I actually don't mind being stalked by Misty all the way down
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4 years ago#46
73 - Nurse Joy

Well my lucario should.destroy chansey/ blissy/ or Audino she may have
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4 years ago#47
Ash, also known by some as Red..


Ah, dammit.
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4 years ago#48

KH 3D English Traverse Town Playthrough
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4 years ago#49
4 years ago#50
my very first pokemon team.
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