You have beaten... *Spoilers*

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4 years ago#51
24-Winona right........
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4 years ago#52
Wallace..good thing I have Electivire.
4 years ago#53
Who the **** is Caitlin?
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4 years ago#54
Grimsley .. o.O oooh goody
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4 years ago#55

She had better bring on some serious burn heal
Piplup is the best character on pokemon.
4 years ago#56

The Boss: Jack Kill Me
Naked Snake: I can't!, I'm trying to get the "No Kill Trophy" on European Extreme
4 years ago#57
46 Lenora

I want her to have the following team:
Porygon Z
This is why Deoxys is uber:
This is a picture of some cute kittens:
4 years ago#58


Stalker girl. o_o
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4 years ago#59

Seems legit. Don't know why he's my "secret rival" though
4 8 15 16 23 42
4 years ago#60
Gardenia... This makes sense. I had more trouble fighting her with my Piplup...
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