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4 years ago#121

Swam pert, Swam-pert, Swamp ert, Swamp-ert, Swamped, Swampier, Swampiest, Swampy, Swamp, Swamps, Swapped, Swamp's
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4 years ago#122

bid oof, bid-oof, biff, bid, biding, boffo, bide, boot, doff, bids, biddy, Biden, bid's, bides, bidet, booed, buff, bod, Bird, Bud, bird, bud, bidder, boded, Biddle, betook, bidden, birdie, bode, body, diff, booty, tiff, birds, boots, brief, bad, bed, bit, def, bodes, Baotou, birder, bird's, Bede, bade, barf, beef, bite, boat, bout, deaf, dove, duff, toff, biddy's, body's, boot's

The heart is shaken more by a single action than a thousand words.
4 years ago#123
Vaporeon- Vapor-eon Vaporware

Magnemite- Magnetite Magnate
4 years ago#124
Draping, Drain, Dragoon, Duration, Dragon, Dripping, Dropping, Trapping, Darin, Drano, Drooping, Rapine, Raping, Darrin, Tarpon, Drawing, Drape, Drawn, Train, Derision, Terrapin, Draper, Draped, Drapes, Drape's

Grovel, Groveler, Groveller, Gravel, Grove, Groveled, Grovels, Gravely, Grover, Groove, Groovy, Groves, Grovelers, Grovelled, Growler, Grave, Gravy, Growl, Grove's, Groveler's

Ursa ring, Ursa-ring, Searing, Assuring, Soaring, Erasing, Using, Ushering, Usurping, Arsing, Erring, Oaring, Siring, Ursine, Insuring, Desiring, Ordering, Uttering, Easing, Earring, Arraign, Airing, Arcing, Ensuring, Unerring, Ursuline, Armoring, Assaying, Essaying, Urania, Arising, Asking, Souring, Syringe, Saran, Acing, Urine

I love this topic. ^^
"Death song, death door, death river awaiting! Rich!"
- Summoner casting Lich in Final Fantasy Tactics
4 years ago#125
Keldeo: Deleon
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4 years ago#126
Illumise: Illumine, Illumines, Ileum's, Ilium's, Illus, Alums, Alum's

I honestly don't know what any of these words mean

Edit: bunch of bones, one chemical compound, and one of them is some mythological group from TROY,and illumine is hardly even english( classified as middle english meaning to illuminate)
Bowser is a Tarasque and Magmar is a legend
4 years ago#127
AuroraSonicBeam posted...
Jolteon: Jolt eon, Jolt-eon, Jolting, Kiloton, Jolter, Bolton, Jolson, Jilting, Jolted, Molten, Golden, Jolters, Hilton, Jolene, Gluten, Jolt, Holden, Milton, Wilton, Jilted, Colon, Glutton, Alton, Elton, Jolts, Olden, Jolter's, Coleen, Cotton, Gotten, Carlton, Dalton, Fulton, Melton, Salton, Walton, Jolt's, Gulden, Colleen, Galleon

Super Smash Bros Brawl remake confirmed.

sanic pls

It's Galleom.
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