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4 years ago#31

Leopard Liberal Library Lippies Lipped Lip-read Leopards Libraries Libeled Loopier
Miz Sylver aka ruler of the known universe
cHecK ouT pRiZMaliTY aT http://www.prizmal.com
4 years ago#32
Dewott: Dewitt, Demott

When I see human babies, I want to ragequit life.
You lack in the common English is an outrage.
4 years ago#33
Minccino: Minchin's, Mincemeat, Mince, Minority, Monoxide, Mongoose
Me fail English? That's unpossible!
My voice gives me super strength!
4 years ago#34
Dunsparce; Transparent
Signatures are for the weak.
4 years ago#35

"Set your dreams high, and make them come true. You can aim higher than this, much higher!"
3DSXL FC: 4640-0379-8455 PSN: TehTrumpCard n ReimuHakure-
4 years ago#36

Kyu rem, Kyu-rem, Kareem, Jeremy, Cream, Creme, Curium, Quorum, Crime, Grime, Cram, Gram, Grim, Jerome, Kramer, Crumb, Carom, Creamy, Grimm, Crummy, Grimy, Groom
Who would have fought for a land where blood flows till it clots each river?
4 years ago#37

Gallantly, Glandular, Gallivants, Gallivant, Gallivanting, Gallivanted, Relevantly < What.
3DS FC: 2878 - 9988 - 2866
Black 2 FC: 0777 2092 3156 Marvin.
4 years ago#38
Bre loom, Bre-loom, Bloom, Broom, Barroom, Boredom*, Prelim, Belem, Bream, Broadloom, Ballroom, Beryllium, Brillo, Realm, Bloomer, Barely, Bedlam, Balm, Brolly, Bellamy, Brill

*Lol boredom.

Mag mar, Mag-mar, Magma, Magyar, MGM, Mama, Magma's, Maugham, Jamar, Mamma
"Death song, death door, death river awaiting! Rich!"
- Summoner casting Lich in Final Fantasy Tactics
4 years ago#39

PSN Tag: soulofrebirth
Official Cyndaquil of PMD3 board. Official Adol Christin of everything. Games are better when you play em for fun not for reviewing it.
4 years ago#40
huntail = Huntsville
WULD........ .......... ............. NA KEST!
M'aiq knows much, and tells some.
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