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Type a pokemon's name

#41DarkDragon386Posted 11/16/2012 8:22:47 PM
Grads, Gyrators, Grad's, Grades, Gyrates, Gerardo's, Grady's, Grade's, Graders, Gratis, Grids, Gyrator's, Gerard's, Carats, Credos, Grates, Grid's, Karats, Gatorade's, Jared's, Carat's, Karat's, Grader's, Credo's, Grate's, Jarrod's
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#42Untimely DemisePosted 11/16/2012 8:25:43 PM
Mewtwo: Mew two, Mew-two, Metro, Meteor, Meet, Mete, Met, Two, Mewed, Meter, Merton, Meets, Meted, Metes, Meadow, Meat, Meta, Meet's, Meaty, Motto, Matzo, Meats, Metal, Metre, Moet, Meowed, Meat's, Medico, Mettle, MT, Mt, Mete's, Motor, Motown, MIT, TWA, Mat, Med, Mot
#43Samp98518Posted 11/16/2012 8:30:10 PM

Luxray: Lux ray, Lux-ray, Luxury, Lycra, Lucas, Lucre, Luxuriate, Lurks, Laxly, LyX, Lix, Luxury's, Laxity, Lucks, Luges, LyX's, Lexers, Lazaro, Laxer, Lexer, Lugs, Lucre's, Luxuries, Lax, Lox, Lxi, Legacy, Lug's, Lox's, Lxii, Lxiv, Lxvi, Luger's, Luke's, Luck's, Larks, Lark's

Bolded all the weird ones that I doubt are words.
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#44txrdriftkingPosted 11/16/2012 8:40:56 PM(edited)

Merlot, Melt, Melody, Malta, Marietta, Millet, Mallet, Mullet, Omelette, Menotti, Motet, Mulatto, Elodea, Valletta, Mealiest, Leta, Lott, Moet, Mott, Meet, Melted, Mewled, Molest, Hewlett, Meld, Omelet, Medea, Lotto, Melee, Motto, Colette, Delta, Helot, Melon, Melded, Smollett

I have no explanation for the bolded ones. It is what literally came up - try it.
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#45coconutarmy1Posted 11/16/2012 8:43:06 PM

Judaical, Lyrical, Ridicule, Lughole, Cuticle, Logical, Luckily, Medical, Radical, LDC, Ducal, Local, Locale, Decal, Lyrically, Laudable, Laudably, Zodiacal, Ladoga, Little, Deckle, Likely, Tickle, Logically, Loutishly, Medically, Radically, Nautical, Article, Stoical

I hit the gold mine on this one. I'm especially fond of Lughole. That's Ludicolo right there. A lyrical, nautical lughole.
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#46ecylisPosted 11/16/2012 8:50:46 PM

Infant, Unsent, Infest, Informant, Invent, Incessant, Indecent, Unfazed, Unfasten, Ancient, Unevenest
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#47ultradinosaurPosted 11/16/2012 8:52:32 PM
^ you took my pokemon T.T

Squirtle : shirtless?

rampardos: Paramaribo

Feraligatr: Federalist

All I got...
#48txrdriftkingPosted 11/16/2012 8:59:48 PM
Garbodor: Garb odor, Garb-odor, Garbo dor, Garbo-dor, Garbed, Carbide, Garbo, Gabbed, Godot, Abode, Garbs, Carboloy, Garroter, Cabot, Garb, Jabot, Grader, Garbled, Guarder, Candor, Galoot, Gander, Garb's, Garble, Gabon, Gabbier, Gumboot*, Gibed, Gybed, Larboard, Backdoor, Gerber, Carboy, Carder, Gadder, Garter, Girder, Jarrod, Barbed, Carbon, Kaboom, Cabbed, Curbed, Gobbed, Jabbed

Gumboot lol.
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#49_KGC_Posted 11/16/2012 9:03:06 PM

Terrakion: Terrain, Terrapin, Tarragon, Terran, Terracing
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#501998_zPosted 11/16/2012 9:37:32 PM(edited)
Froslass: Rosales, Frosts, Frost's, Rosales's, Foresails, Frisks, Faisal's, Frills, Frizzles, Arousal's, Rosella's, Resales, Frill's, Frizzle's, Frazzles, Fossils, Foresail's, Reseals, Frazzle's, Fossil's, Rosalie's, Foreplay's, Resale's

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