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What would be an immensely badass nickname for a Black Kyurem?

#41Tayo2345Posted 11/19/2012 5:17:12 PM

Nicknaming legendaries is wrong.
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#42IncendiusPosted 11/19/2012 5:19:47 PM
Monsieur Smuggingtons!
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#43Ocean_EXPLOSIONPosted 11/19/2012 5:21:43 PM
#44Teh_TiltyuPosted 11/19/2012 5:21:48 PM
von hugs
#45egglinkPosted 11/19/2012 5:23:54 PM
Captain Planet.
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#46MugilokoPosted 11/19/2012 5:25:20 PM
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#47Dalton Of ZealPosted 11/19/2012 5:36:38 PM
Why not call him "NO MR HUGS"? It would just fit.
#48PearlshipperluvPosted 11/19/2012 5:38:12 PM
Sullivan Grande
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#49MarbiaachPosted 11/19/2012 5:43:00 PM
Teh_Tiltyu posted...
From: DarkHeroRaven | #020
but GlacialMoon is 11 letters

and doesn't involve hugs


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#50OblivonPosted 11/19/2012 5:48:55 PM
Killem. Kyurem does not cure things, it kills things. Therefore, Killem.
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