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4 years ago#61
Ruby: Marill

Emerald: Poocheyena
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4 years ago#62
GSC: nothing
RuSaE: nothing
FRLG: nothing
DP: nothing
Platinum: Green Cubone
White: nothing
White 2: Blue-form Basculin (skin is yellow-green instead of green)

And of course stuff like Red Gyarados and shiny Dratini.
4 years ago#63
Tentacool in Ruby
Gastly in Platinum
4 years ago#64

In a nuzlocke run.

Within the rules of the run (it was the first pokemon in a new area)

Too bad it killed my Ratatta.
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4 years ago#65
I only obtained a shiny Audino 2 weeks ago while trying to find a Rufflet.
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4 years ago#66
HG: Green Stantler
And that's the only one sadly. :(
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4 years ago#67


Black 2:
Audino (lol... was farming audinos all year long)
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4 years ago#68
Sneasel in White.
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4 years ago#69
Shiny Trapinch,Sapphire.
In that desert area, I was just ****n around in there working on a secret base and WAHBAM :o a teal trappinch. I didnt believe it at first but man, was I happy. In retrospect It feels even nicer, knowing I encountered the 1/8192 in a Gen III game, with no radar (or Masuda Method for me). Nice it was a Trapinch too.. my friends 1st AND only was a Fearrow. xD

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4 years ago#70
Well not including in-game shines, these are the shiny Pokemon that I have caught during the series (which I can remember as they are in my Black 2 game now):-

Altaria (as a Swablu)
Crobat (as a Zubat)

Charizard (Charmander as a starter)



Typhlosion (Cyndaquil as a starter)

Pokemon Black:
Raichu (pichu from an egg)
Eevee (from an egg)
Haxorus (axew from egg)

Pokemon Black 2:
Woobat (early in the game so no shiny charm there yet)
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