Favorite Pokemon from Each Gen

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User Info: 1998_z

4 years ago#11
Gen 1: Lapras/Scyther
Gen 2: Lugia
Gen 3: Swampert
Gen 4: Froslass
Gen 5: Haxorus/Braviary/Hydreigon
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User Info: aimingdevice

4 years ago#12
Gen 1: Starmie
Gen 2: Espeon
Gen 3: Gardevoir/Milotic/Metagross/Salamence
Gen 4: Gallade
Gen 5: Lilligant/Braviary
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User Info: phoenixflame95

4 years ago#13

User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#14
mongopikis posted...
Gen 1 - Ninetales/Arcanine (toss up - i really like arcanine but the sprites never live up to how awesome his concept art is)
Gen 2 - Scizor
Gen 3 - Mawile
Gen 4 - Luxray
Gen 5 - Litwick

It's amazing how close our preferences are....

Only difference is gen 3; Swampert
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User Info: XIII_rocks

4 years ago#15
Charizard (2nd: Alakazam)
Ampharos (2nd: Scizor or Heracross)
Camerupt (2nd: Kyogre)
Garchomp (2nd: Infernape or Weavile or Rhyperior THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD)
Darmanitan (2nd: Dat Krookodile)

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#16
Gen 1: Rhydon/Venusaur/Slowbro
Gen 2: Ariados/Kingdra/Hitmontop
Gen 3: None
Gen 4: Infernape/Electivire/Honchkrow
Gen 5: Haxorus/Klingklang/Crustle
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User Info: amuseing

4 years ago#17
1 - Charizard
2 - Scizor
3 - Sceptile
4 - Gallade
5 - Sandile
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User Info: xylophone2

4 years ago#18
RBY(G)-Vaporeon or Dragonair with Ninetales in third.
GSC-Not many I like here. Either Ariados or Quagsire. Maybe Espeon.
ADV-Gardevoir(What?) with Ninjask second. Aggron is also cool.
DPPt-Torterra, Gliscor, and Drapion tie.
BW/2-Haxorus with Liepard and Galvantula as runner-ups. If only Frillish didn't evolve into something so lulzy.
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User Info: Masterbob1872

4 years ago#19
1- Lapras
2- Tyranitar
3- Blaziken
4- Electivire
5- Excadrill
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User Info: Grillem88

4 years ago#20
Gen 1 - Blastoise/Syther
Gen 2 - Miltank/Feraligatr
Gen 3 - Salamence
Gen 4 - Gliscor
Gen 5 - Krookodile
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