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User Info: ElSilverWind

4 years ago#51
Tentacruel eh? I guess I could make it work. I'm sure I could find some kind of niche in Japan . . . or at least be a hit with the weeaboos.
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User Info: Magic_Kirby

4 years ago#52
Liepard- I'll be honest, it wouldn't be my first choice. Looking in to it though it wouldn't be so bad, I would be around three and a half feet tall so it wouldn't be like I would be a housecat. Sure it sucks that I only learn physical moves assuming that there is no way to learn special moves but pursuit, night slash, and sucker punch are all pretty decent and I would have a good amount of status moves to back it up.

Besides it could be so much worse, I could be Purugly. shudder

User Info: MasterChaos45

4 years ago#53
Which head would I see through?

User Info: oORyuumaruOo

4 years ago#54
Larvitar! Sweeet.
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

4 years ago#55
*notices an Aggron*
*about to choose celebrate*
*notices "6"

*gets Cryogonal*
Cryogonal + facial reaction
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User Info: Checkmate88

4 years ago#56
TableFlip posted...
Defender31415 posted...
Buizel- scream my head off.

That wouldn't be bad because girls would adore you since you're cute.

Does being vileplume cause anything like that?
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User Info: Roc_Raida

4 years ago#57
Literally a Latios, jetting all on ya suckers with f***ing Draco Meteors.

I'm a f***ing boss.

User Info: windrazorx

4 years ago#58
Palkia. YES :U
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User Info: Streethawke

4 years ago#59

Hell yes. =)
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User Info: barboid

4 years ago#60
Entei--- *FLAME ON* Mwa ha ha!
"Of all the things I miss in life, I lost my mind the most."
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