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Confirm/Deny: Generation 5 was a disappointment until Black and White 2?

#41sonofcasbahPosted 11/26/2012 4:01:24 PM

BW were great, BW2 added even more icing to the cake.
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#42RoccoRedPosted 11/26/2012 4:02:21 PM

Black and White were great games. Sure the sequel had a lot more things but the BW were great games.
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#43KhemikooliganPosted 11/26/2012 4:05:12 PM
Gen V is still a disappointment, sequel or no
#44qwartPosted 11/26/2012 4:10:25 PM
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#45PolimarioPosted 11/26/2012 4:19:06 PM
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#46JoJoX200Posted 11/26/2012 4:20:35 PM
Deny. BW1 introduced lots of pokes I like and had a good story. BW2 have awesome features with not so great story. Overall a good deal, imo.
#47TyranidomegaPosted 11/26/2012 4:30:50 PM
Khemikooligan posted...
Gen V is still a disappointment, sequel or no

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#48Dark_Link92Posted 11/26/2012 4:35:30 PM
Deny. I liked most of the Pokemon, and the plot and characters were great.
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#49kwando1313Posted 11/26/2012 5:05:11 PM
Deny for story.
Confirm for the gameplay.
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#50ZERO2936Posted 11/26/2012 5:09:22 PM
D. The main story of Black 2/White 2 is not as good as the first games.
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