so few fire pokemon

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User Info: okay339

4 years ago#1
I like to look at the pokemon world and all the types of different pokemon and different pokemon themselves and i came across a very distrubing detail about the fire pokemon. The 4th gen pokedex only carries 3 new fire type pokemon excluding the 3 starters that are a 100% given anyways. i just found it very disappointing that the 4th gen would only have 3 catchable new fire types and all 3 pokemon ( magmortar, heat rotom,heatran) are not found in the wild. Magmortar has to be traded to get, heatrans a god damn legend lol, and that leaves heat rotom that isnt even its own pokemon just a different form for rotom to change into. The 2nd and 3rd gen also dont have alot of fire type pokemon at your disposal. i came across all this while looking for a strong fire type pokemon to add to my black/white poke teams and am greatly appreciative of the amount of choices for new fire type pokemon in black and white.

User Info: Dark_Einherjar

4 years ago#2
The Rotom Formes were all Electric/Ghost back in Gen IV, so you might as well consider Heat Rotom a Gen V Fire Pokemon.

Anyway, your choices for Gen V Fire Pokemon, aside from said Rotom and your starter, are:

Victini (event)
Reshiram (Black 1 and White 2 only)
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User Info: YaRlyJoe

4 years ago#3
Yeah fire types get shafted

It sucks

Gen 5 fire types mostly suck, too (only 3 of them don't suck, 2 are legendary/event, and the rest are garbage)

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