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Did you ever make it through Rock Tunnel without Flash?

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  3. Did you ever make it through Rock Tunnel without Flash?
2 years ago#71
Ari917 posted...
Yes, I absolutely hated flash so much as a kid that I decided crawling through the dungeon with no sense of direction was better then attaching it to one of my Pokemon.

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2 years ago#72
393 people are liars
I don't even know anymore.
2 years ago#73
I did again about a month ago. I can't remember the last time i bothered getting flash.
2 years ago#74
Not the first time but since I liked the game so much as a kid I remembered the way through without needing flash the following times.
2 years ago#75
Did it every time I went through it in R/B/Y and my first playthrough of Fire Red. In my recent games I've caught a Voltorb and taught it Flash though, just to lesson the hassle of navigating it by memory.
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2 years ago#76
I mean, who can even get lost in Gen I's Rock Tunnel? It's a tunnel, not a maze.
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2 years ago#77
Quote:Anyone who says yes is a liar
Your a clown. You can see the tunnel without flash anyway. It's so easy to go through.
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2 years ago#78
TableFlip posted...
393 people are liars

Lol. I go through the Haunted Wasteland in OoT without the Lens of Truth, and that is at least 10x harder than going through Rock Tunnel without Flash.

I'm guessing the people calling liar are people who have never played the original games, so they don't know how dark tunnels were handled back then.
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2 years ago#79
After I was able to find my way through it the first few times (and considering Flash has no use in battle), I always went through without it
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2 years ago#80
No, I wasn't dumb enough to incovenience myself like that, even when I was 7.
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  3. Did you ever make it through Rock Tunnel without Flash?

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