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Gen I vs Gen V Day 21: Magnetmite line vs Klink line

#1Alom_o_molaPosted 11/29/2012 9:28:37 PM
Topic - Results (132 votes)
Magnetmite line
83.33% (110 votes)
Klink line
16.67% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So, my belief is that Gen V is somewhat of a reboot. I.e. they opted for a fresh new start of Pokemon.
So in this poll, I plan to find similarities between the new Gen V and the original Gen I and ask you guys which is the best. In terms of best, it can be based on anything, appearance, effectiveness in both ingame and competitive or even it's name. You decide.

So, here are some similarities between the two.

- Both are the tools Pokemon.
- Both evolve twice. Though, Magneton evolved in Gen IV
- Both are found in palces where electric Pokemon are common

List of comparisons to be done
Day 1: Geodude line vs Roggenrola line - 44.35% to 55.65%
Day 2: Machop line vs Timburr line
Day 3: Gastly line vs Litwick line - 50.42% to 49.58%
Day 4: Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan vs Sawk/Throh - 85.43% to 14.57%
Day 5: Pidgey line vs Pidove line - 84.54% to 15.46%
Day 6: Caterpie line vs Sewaddle line - 48.81% to 51.19%
Day 7: Weedle line vs Venipede line - 25.17% to 74.83%
Day 8: Pikachu vs Emolga - 63.69% to 36.31%
Day 9: Chansey vs Audino - 66.67% to 33.33%
Day 10: Tauros vs Bouffalant - 47.96% to 52.04%
Day 11: Paras line vs Foongus line - 63.76% to 36.24%
Day 12: Voltorb line vs Foongus line - 58.97% to 41.03%
Day 13: Tentacool line vs Frillish line - 42.03% to 57.97%
Day 14: Psyduck line vs Ducklett line - 45% to 55%
Day 15: Oddish/Bellsprout line vs Cottonee/Petilil line - 29.41% to 70.59%
Day 16: Kabuto/Omanyte line vs Tirtouga/Archen line - 51.33% to 48.67%
Day 17: Drowzee line vs Munna line - 48.06% to 51.94%
Day 18: Ponyta line vs Blitzle line - 61.07% to 38.93%
Day 19: Poliwag line vs Tympole line - 74.07% to 25.93%
Day 20: Grimer line vs Trubbish line - 61.94% to 38.06%
Day 21: Magnetmite line vs Klink line
Day 22: Diglett line vs Drilbur line
Day 23: Zubat line vs Woobat line
Day 24: Rattata line vs Patrat line
Day 25: Meowth line vs Purloin line
Day 26: Dratini line vs Deino line
Day 27: Shellder/Slowpoke vs Shelmet/Karrablast
Day 28: Mew vs Victini
Day 29: Mewtwo vs Genesect
Day 30: Kanto E4 vs Unova E4
Day 31: Team Rocket/Giovanni vs Team Plasma/Ghetsis
Day 32: Lavender Tower vs Celestial Tower
Day 33: Pokemon Laboratory vs P2 Laboratory
Day 34: Viridian Forest vs Pinwheel Forest
Day ??: ???

Looks like the Trubbish line didn't lose massively. Even Pidove has it worse. Ok, next up, Magnets vs Gears. GO!
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#2kwando1313Posted 11/29/2012 9:45:20 PM
Magnemite > Klink

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#3Master_AlbertPosted 11/29/2012 9:45:49 PM
but klunk is a gen 7 pokman not gen 5
gen 8 is the best gen so far
#4VoicelessAmberPosted 11/29/2012 9:49:15 PM
Magnetite has more useful evolutions, and a better moveset. Klink line is awful.
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#5Rose_MagePosted 11/29/2012 9:50:57 PM
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#6infinitexxPosted 11/29/2012 10:01:47 PM
This might even be more one-sided than the Hitmons.
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#7EvolutionUberPosted 11/29/2012 10:02:14 PM
Master_Albert posted...
but klunk is a gen 7 pokman not gen 5

Awesome cant wait to see Klunk in few years but Klink is gen 5
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#8LightningHawk90Posted 11/29/2012 10:06:30 PM(edited)
I'd have to say Magnemite

Also, off topic, but is Master_Albert still up to that gen crap? Give it up man, nobody thinks it's funny but you.
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#9kwando1313Posted 11/29/2012 10:05:37 PM
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#10Brandon042487Posted 11/29/2012 10:11:25 PM
Ok when I saw klink the first time I thought "awesome a new electric/steel type like Magnemite". So I caught it got to the PC to look at it.

Just steel type...

Well ok I guess, least it has a good abili... plus....


Magnemite > Klink.

Magnemite will win this one.
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