Best main pokemon game?

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User Info: Takuru

4 years ago#11

That's a good point you brought up, but it's hard to believe that you didn't see similar polls if you've been on this board for more than 2 weeks.

I stated I haven't kept up with pokemon in over a decade.

Then you should ask a question, not make a poll. Unless you're trying to get results for some reason, which means you wanted to make a poll not ask a question.

I stated that I'm gathering data to decide whether I want to continue on with purchasing Black 1, or buy a more popular game from the past.

This sure is a very passively angry board.

User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#12

Here is a topic that does the same thing, a little bit reversed.

And considering the amount of people that voted, this is a decent sample size.
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User Info: kwando1313

4 years ago#13
Black 2 & White 2.
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