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Why all the sudden topics about new types...?

#11Master XPosted 12/2/2012 6:53:09 PM
Let's face it; eventually they'll do it. And there are only several options and not one of them will be types that are too similar to others. So we aren't getting PLANT type or BIRD type. This isn't bloody Dragon Quest Monsters here. Maybe eventually they may get released under some sort of "SPECIES" stat (like abilities, nature etc.) that have some sort of effect against a species that they are a predator to?

Anyway, true types most likely:

LIGHT (maybe call it LUME)

I could see them introducing SPACE/COSMIC if they ever get around to doing a game that's story follows the mysteries of the various space Pokemon.

I like MYSTERY what that guy said. Or MYSTIQUE type? Maybe that could be one of the goals of the game as well as the main team/main story? Finding out what's the business with this MYSTERY type?

I also like BEAST to oppose DRAGON. Get some mega beasts from the ice age in there. Maybe get ice blocks/cubes with Pokemon DNA that can get revived like the fossils?
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