Best PWT team?

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User Info: Zabuzadono

4 years ago#11
MoxieMence @ Life Orb (Draco + Outrage = GG in most single tournament)
Scizor @ Leftovers (Bulky Scizor - main reason I win 75% of the time)
Starmie @ Choice Specs (4 Attacks - Psychic helps out more than Trick IMO)

I have a Conkeldurr I use as the 4th in for Rotation battles to take Rock-type hits for Mence
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User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#13
Ambipom w/ Normal Gem
Nidoking w/ Life Orb
Slowbro w/ Leftovers
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User Info: coreekymon

4 years ago#14
Doubles, usually beats anything even DLC tournaments.

Tyranitar@Air Balloon
Excadrill@King's Rock
Thundurus@Electric Gem
Lucario@Focus Sash

Singles I usually go:
Salemence@Choice Scarf
Gliscor@Toxic Orb
Lucario@Focus Sash

I think the Doubles team is better though.
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