Thinking of going back to playing Pokemon XD

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4 years ago#41
Magmasta posted...
Yea, plus before you get to fight him you have to take out a large portion of trainers in one go with no breaks.

Your Pokémon are fully healed before you fight Nascour, and once again before you fight Evice, so the lack of breaks is only an issue when facing the first 4 trainers.
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4 years ago#42
All the way to Phenac City and purified everything to that point.

Ivs are less than desireable for most of what I've gotten.

Numel Relaxed, Oblivious

Ralts Bold, Trace

Shroomish Bashful, Effect Spore

Mareep Sassy, Static

Delcatty Adamant, Cute Charm

The Ralts and maybe Numel are the only ones I think I'd consider raising right. I WANT to use the Shroomish and Mareep but.......

Anyrate, can I salvage the Shroomish and Delcatty with EV placement?
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4 years ago#43
Shroomish definitely not
4 years ago#44
Do not read this post if you do not want miner spoilers!

Be sure to attempt Mt. Battle without losing or changing your Pokemon! It gets you one of the Gen II starters (you get to pick).
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4 years ago#45
Already know of the Mt Battle prizes thanks.

Speaking of which, that's the best place in the game to get Exp and EV train right Hozu? And does Pokerus work in this game as well?
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4 years ago#46
Best place is obviously Mt. Battle, but the Colosseums do well too once you get that Amulet Coin. I can't answer the Pokerus question, unfortunately.
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4 years ago#47
Whenever i've gone through a playthrough, i've gone in with a list of what i want to pick up.
The last playthrough i wanted to pick up:
Timid XD Lugia
Timid Tri-attack Togepi
Bold Zapdos
Modest Moltres & Articuno
Bold Healbell Dragonite

I just one shotted everything with a Jolteon-Walrein combo because there are so many trainers it becomes tedious trying to grind up levels for an entire team.
Furthermore, i purified in sets using the amassed money i earnt (I never bought healing items ever) i just bought metric crap tonnes of Incense.

I am now the prowd owner of:
Timid XD Lugia
Timid Tri-attack Serene Grace Togepi (Now kiss)
Bold Zapdos

Which isn't too bad, i lucked out on that final battle to snag a bold Zapdos with decent IV's too.
The others birds proved to be elusive so i'll go for another playthrough at some point just to pick up extrasensory even though its outclassed and useless on most of the birds.

psycho boost Timid Lugia is awesome however.
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4 years ago#48
I actually thought about starting over to get good ivs on those targets I messed up on but said screw it. I have an Impish Jolteon and Careful Ursaring, but I already got a good Ursaring and I can just breed a better Jolteon quickly anyway. Shroomish isn't a big deal and I already got a Flaffy/Ampharos.

I finally got a damn good Meowth after SRing all night.

Naughty 22/31/27/17/13/27

Now onto Lunatone.....>_<
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4 years ago#49
BirdPwNz100 posted...
The Shadow Lugia can be transferable once it's purified. It knows some unique attacks, Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Aeroblast?, and Psycho Boost - think.

FeatherDance, actually.
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4 years ago#50
Having Plasmabad luck with this Lunatone, taking a break before I decide to restart my whole adventure.

Probably blast through Mt Battle next time I power up and just power level to the point where I won't need to worry about that anymore.

Current team:

Jolteon Volt Absorb
Double Kick
Quick Attack

Ursaring Guts
Brick Brick
Metal Claw
Faint Attack

If I can get Protect/Thunderbolt/ShadowBall on my Jolteon and Earthquake on my Ursaring I'd be golden.
Currently playing: Capcom VS SNK 2(Gamecube), Pokemon Platinum/Heartgold(JPN)
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