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Pokemon with the prettiest eyes

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3 years ago#51
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3 years ago#52
I claim to be the official Porygon2 of the Pokemon Black 2 board.
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3 years ago#53
MileRun posted...

I tried the second one, got 18 of em. Friggin Makuhita had me stumped.
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3 years ago#54

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3 years ago#55
lugia and axew
3 years ago#56
MileRun posted...

I got 23/25 on both

There's no way you'd know those were Piplup's eyes on the first one because there's not enough blue to clue you in. As for Diglett I was drawing a blank

On the second, I had forgotten what chinchou's eyes looked like and same goes for Qwilfish, I knew those eyes belonged to a poison type I couldn't figure out which.
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3 years ago#57
I do really like Latias'. But I think I have to go with Gardevoir.

Or both?
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3 years ago#58
For those players who don't speak Australian, we have provided an English translation of the previous scene. Do you want to replay the scene?
3 years ago#59
3 years ago#60
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